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Europcab is developed by a young and professional team that has experience in the taxi branch since 2007. Our main goal has been always to adjust our services to the wishes and desires of our customers. We have always focused on the quality of our services and not just the price so that we can achieve a distinctive position in the market.

Our services are not the cheapest in the market if you look only at the price, but we do strive to be the best in price-quality. It is important for us as well that our services need to affordable for everyone but not at the expense of service quality. That was a big challenge for us, so we decided to deliver different type of transfers in different price ranges. This seemed to us a reasonable and honest solution to our customers. They have the opportunity to choose themselves in which quality level there are willing to use our services.

We only engage in non-price competition because we want the best for our customers. In non-price competition it is tough to survive because you need to be creative, innovative and you need to improve the quality of your services constantly to be part of the competition. We know that, and we have accepted the challenge. There must be a strong relationship with the customers and their opinions, desires, reviews and complaints needs to be taken seriously. At the end it is all about the customers and their support is the main key to maintain a position in the market.

Our team has taken this matter very seriously by constantly improving and updating our services and launching new services into the market. Our customers cooperate as well in this matter by giving us their ideas, comments and suggestions. We appreciate their cooperation remarkable. If our customers are satisfied with our services, then we are as well.

Our chauffeurs and our cars are mainly the image of our company, because they provide ultimately the most of our services and they are the face of the company. We are training and educating them at higher levels. They have a valid taxi driver permit and diploma. They know the roads, landmarks and all popular destinations very well. They can communicate in English as well as in Dutch. 

Our fleet is composed from the latest models of Mercedes Benz and Tesla. Our vehicles are cleaned daily and maintained according the dealer recommendations. Vehicles are luxurious and fitted with the latest GPS systems. We support environmental protection with electric cars in our service fleet. We are trying our best with the support of our customers to provide our services as much as we can and if technologically possible with our electric fleet.

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Our drivers are professionally trained, they have a valid taxi driver permit and diploma. They know the roads, landmarks and all popular destinations very well. Our chauffeurs are friendly, and they speak English as well as Dutch.

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We provide services that are specially adjusted to the demands and wishes of small and big businesses in private sector as well for small and big organizations in public sector. We have the capability to fulfil their demands in every aspect with our best price quality services. Our customer base exists primarily from businesses and organizations. We have the experience and the knowledge to offer you as a business or as a organization services that will suit to your demands and wishes as well.

We offer services for

Private Individuals

We have services available specially adjusted to the wishes and desires of private individuals. Whether it is airport transfer, wedding, going out, event/concert, medical or any kind of transfer we know what our customers are expecting from us due to our many years of experience in the transport industry.

We are specialized in

Airport Transfer

Most of the jobs are to and from the airport as well for businesses as for private individuals. Whether you have a flight for business or for holiday purposes we know how important it is to be there on time. To prevent unnecessary stress as well for our customers as for the drivers we take this matter very seriously and we do everything that we are capable of to be on time.


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